Responsible Travel

Why Wild Earth?

Responsible travel is the guiding principle behind Wild Earth Adventures. As part of a commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental education we seek to create an awareness and respect for the environment through exposure to wild places. We promote responsible travel through our supporting the local community in areas where the company operates. Responsible travel can benefit nature through education and through the exploration of wilderness settings we hope to nurture a greater awareness and appreciation of our natural surroundings.

Our trips have been developed in areas where we have a close connection to the communities. This relationship has enabled us to create unique adventure holidays that give a real insight into the places, using local resources that benefit the local economy. By joining our adventure you will not only enjoy exposure to a remote and pristine wilderness but the frontier culture. You will be learning about the local community and benefiting the local economy.

The small group sizes provide an intimate experience and minimize the impact on the trails and campsites. All waste is packed out and we have an environmental policy for backcountry travel which ensures that we ‘leave no trace’.

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Food for thought

It is essential that we provide a good, healthy and nutritional menu for our guests and to do this we rely on local suppliers to provide the freshest ingredients available.

Supporting local farmers and business is part of our commitment to a responsible travel policy.

From organic home-dried produce and feasts serving the local delicacies we make sure that our guests get a fully nutritional and locally sourced menu. These are added expenses that other companies choose not to include in their itineraries.

Family Friendly

Our exclusive adventure holidays are a responsible choice for families looking for expert knowledge and safe hands to guide them on their holiday of a lifetime.  Couples, grandparents, school-age children, teens – regardless of experience – find can find their ideal holiday with one of our scheduled packages or a custom designed private adventure.

Small Group Sizes

Our commitment to keep group sizes small is part of our responsible travel policy to minimize impact on the area we visit but also to create a cosy atmosphere and a more personalized feel to the trips.

First Class Guides

The adventure travel industry attracts a certain kind of people.  Those who are not satisfied with a 9 to 5 job, just to earn a living, but those who are passionate about being outdoors and creating experiences for the customers that are fortunate enough to join them.

Our guides are highly trained and experienced to provide our guests with a first class experience. Regardless of the size of the group each of our scheduled tours will be accompanied by two guides. Our guides come highly qualified with Bachelor or Master degrees, the highest level of wilderness first aid and a broad range of outdoor skills and qualifications from primary care paramedic to sea kayaking, avalanche operations, swift water rescue, dog sledding, horse riding, kite surfing, lodge catering, photography, survival skills to name but a few. We can assure you you will be in safe and knowledgeable hands.