Q & A

What is the group size on your trips?

We keep the group size as small as possible, between 4-12 guests, depending on trip destination. Please check individual trip itineraries for max. group sizes. An average group size is 8 guests.

Do we have financial protection for our holiday?

Yes. For any guests booking through our UK office we have a payment protection policy. In compliance with the UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 an insurance policy has been arranged with Travel & General Insurance Company plc to protect customers’ prepayments paid in respect of

  • non-flight inclusive packages commencing and returning to the UK
  • the ground handling aspects of packages where the customer is responsible for arranging travel to the destination offered in this brochure/literature/document/on this website (subject to the terms of the insurance policy), for:
  • a refund of such prepayments if customers have not yet travelled
  • making arrangements to enable the holiday to continue if customers have already travelled or in the unlikely event of our financial failure.”

What about safety?

Safety is first.  Our guide team is a highly experienced group of individuals that have a strong background in professional guiding and wilderness travel. Our guides hold a wilderness first aid certificate and has experience of dealing with the symptoms often associated with spending time in the wilderness. The guide will have a comprehensive first aid kit to deal with most eventualities and emergencies. Your guide will also carry an Iridium Satellite phone for use in situations that require outside help or evacuation.

Is there any canoeing/kayaking experience required to join your trips?

No. Anyone, regardless of his or her level of experience and abilities, can enjoy our tours. We offer canoe/kayaking instruction and safety procedures before setting out on our adventures. Many of our guests are first-time paddlers and our guides are experts at helping everyone relax and enjoy their journey. Some trips are more suitable than others depending on your expectations, please look at the itineraries of each individual tour or contact our office to discuss.

What are the physical requirements?

Good physical health is required. Most of our adventures are not strenuous or physically demanding and do not require a high level of fitness. You should be capable of a few hours of moderate exercise each day. Still, these trips are adventurous, so please bring a positive attitude. If you have any health problems, let us know when you are making your reservation so that we can address your needs and abilities.

What are the age requirements?

Overall we suggest participants minimum age of 12 years. Please check the itineraries of each trip. We do have family dedicated trips. The individual attitude and fitness level is more important than age.

How many hours per day do you walk/paddle/ride?

This depends on the destination, group ability and desires. Typically expect to be active for four to six hours with rest stops and snack breaks spread throughout the day. It is a holiday so we try to keep a nice balance of activity and rest and by the end of any given day everyone feels satisfied. Our guides will adapt to the groups performance. Our trips include a range of acitivities and of course, time to rest, relax and enjoy the scenery and some of the best views in Canada!

How stable are the canoes/kayaks? What happens if I flip?

The canoe and  kayaks we use on our tours are very stable tandem boats designed for comfort and the likelihood of a capsize is minimal. Before we embark, we go over safety procedures, which includes preparation for rescues. If your kayak flips our experienced guides will help you get upright quickly.

How is the weather in this area? What about weather related cancellations?

Our weather in the Pacific Northwest is generally pleasant from April through the end of September, air and water temperatures vary, depending on the areas you plan to tour. The water here is considered some of the warmest north of Mexico. We suggest our visitors be prepared for any type of weather by a warm fleece top and a good waterproof jacket, along with your usual summer clothing. Layering clothing is an easy way to be prepared. If it is cool, you’ll be comfortable; if it warms up, you can always remove a layer.

Are insects a concern?

You might encounter a few mosquitos depending on where your tour is scheduled. Due to the proximity to the ocean we have much less bugs than other places. It’s important to be prepared and you will want to bring some bug repellent. If you have allergic reactions to any insects, please let us know and bring along your Ana kit as well as some afterbite cream and antihistamines.

What should I bring?

We provide high quality 2 person tents, eating utensils and mugs, any technical equipment (boats, floatation devices, paddles etc) , dry bags to protect your kit from the weather/water, and freshly prepared gourmet food.

You should bring your regular summer clothing, sleeping bag and mattress, sun block, warm clothes including a jacket or coat, waterproof sandals or beach shoes, a hat, sunglasses, rain gear and any personal items you’d like. When your reservation is confirmed, we’ll send you a package of information including a kit list.

What sort of wildlife can I expect to see?

The westcoast of Canada is home to some of the most abundant and diverse wildlife populations in North America. On land and water, you’ll find hundreds of sea and shorebirds, waterfowl, mink, otters, seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, deer, raccoons, cougars, wolves and bears and the always present bald eagle.

How do the camps look like?

The camps are in wilderness settings offering solitude and beautiful scenery. Whenever possible, we choose camps near fresh water streams. On certain trips we operate base camps, on others we move the camps.

Are there possibilities to wash? Are there toilets?

For your convenience we have hot solar showers available. Your guide will also provide a washing bowl to use the crystal fresh water of the streams and lakes. We do ask that you use bio-degradable soap and environmentally friendly brands of soap and cleaners to protect the environment. While bathroom facilities are not generally available in the backcountry there are pit toilets and enclosed toilets in some areas. A designated area will be assigned and your privacy ensured.

What kind of food do you offer?

It is essential that we provide a good, healthy and nutritional menu for our guests and to do this we rely on local suppliers to provide the freshest ingredients available.Our meals are vegetarian based supplemented with meat for those that crave it. We will accommodate special diets but for gluten free we ask that you contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Supporting local farmers and business is part of our commitment to a responsible travel policy. From organic home-dried produce and feasts serving the local delicacies we make sure that our guests get a fully nutritional and locally sourced menu. These are added expenses that other companies choose not to include in their itineraries.